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Unbundled legal services are known as a limited scope of services or a discrete representation. With unbundled legal services, an attorney covers certain portions of a client’s case at a flat rate.

Emerson Law strives to make legal services affordable to everyone so that client’s who once may have been overwhelmed, confused, and lost in legalese can now have the guidance of an experience litigation attorney to assist them with various aspects of their case.
Our goal is to make legal services affordable and accessible to those who need it. Let Emerson Law help navigate you through the legal process.

Why Choose Unbundled Legal Services?

The limited scope of representation is usually ideal if you are pursing a limited civil matter, are fairly confident that you do not need representation or are trying to use limited resources to pursue a claim.
At Emerson Law, we are happy to sit and discuss your situation with you if you are unsure whether unbundled or full scope services are right for you. We can help you find the right approach to your unique case.

Legal Handshake

Below are some of the unbundled legal services offered by Emerson Law:

• Draft Pleadings, including Summons and Complaint
• Draft Written Discovery
• Take or Defend a Deposition
• Attend a Court Hearing
• Represent you in a Mediation or Mandatory       
  Settlement Conference or Handle Negotiations
• Prepare a Demand Package
• Review a Settlement Agreement

The services you receive, and the total cost will depend on the type of case. The type of unbundled legal services will be determined by Emerson Law and you after a free consultation. Please give us a call at (850) 295-8556 or email at for a free consultation.


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