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When a person dies in an accident, his or her survivors may file a wrongful death action. Under the California Code of Civil Procedure, the decedent’s surviving spouse, domestic partner, children, and grandchildren may bring a wrongful death claim.

At Emerson Law, we have extensive experience representing clients in wrongful death actions and strive to obtain the maximum recovery available. The types of damages that may be recovered in a wrongful death action include:

• Expenses for funeral and burial costs
• Loss of future earnings (the amount the decedent would    have 
earned and contributed to the support of his or her      survivors)
• Loss of benefits (the amount of pension or retirement          benefits to
which the decedent would have been entitled)
• Loss of companionship, comfort, and care the decedent        provided


At Emerson Law, we will represent your case and fight to obtain you justice. You will not owe us any legal fees until we win your case. Get started on your case today by calling Emerson Law for a complimentary consultation.

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